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Signing Jon Brockton, the imaginary back-up center in the Milwaukee Bucks plans

This just in from a newspaper report in Denver, where the Bucks are preparing to play the Nuggets tonight:

“Early in the third quarter, Skiles sent center Jon Brockton into the game for rookie Larry Sanders …” – JSOnline Bucks Blog by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Bucks beat reporter Tom Enlund.

At first I thought this was simply a brain-fart by a tired NBA beat reporter, a little light-headed by the lack of oxygen in Denver’s mountain climate. Of course Enlund meant to write “Brockman” instead of “Brockton” when describing the third quarter substitution in Monday’s Bucks-Jazz game.   But on second look — and third glance — it became increasingly apparent that this reference to Brockton could not be shrugged off as a simple slip of the mind.

It should be noted here that Enlund knows a thing or two about the NBA and the Bucks, whom he’s been covering since the late 1980’s, before Sidney Moncrief’s number was retired.   This fact alone suggests that “center Jon Brockton” did not make his appearance in Enlund’s story haphazardly.  Also note the use of the word “details” in Enlund’s headline.  This may have been Enlund leaving a clue of some sort, one that at least demands further inquiry.

Note the use of the word “center” – not “forward” or “big forward” which is what one would use in referring to Jon Brockman, who is certainly not an NBA center.  Yet Enlund identifies this unknown player as “center Jon Brockton.”

Who is Jon Brockton?  When did the Bucks sign him?  How long has he been with the team?   Let’s look back to last July and see if the Bucks or the media can provide an answer to these questions.

On July 21, the Bucks announced that they had acquired a 6-7, 252-pound “forward/center” named Jon Brockman. No such player seems to exist, not in real life anyway.   That same day the Milwaukee daily newspaper, Journal Sentinel, reported that the Bucks had signed a 6-7, 252-pound “forward” named Jon Brockman.   Forward Jon Brockman did appear in the Bucks camp.  However, no such “forward/center” has been found.

Here’s what seems to have happened — remember that July 21 was the day after Milwaukee was hit with record floods in the streets that eventually created a sink-hole that swallowed an SUV.  That made national news.  Somehow, in all the watery confusion, Bucks GM John Hammond — in his mind — believed that he had acquired a forward-center.  This never occurred, though the idea of this new forward/center persisted in Hammond’s mind, and in the minds of those who work in the Bucks organization, and on to many fans who follow the Bucks.

One conclusion can be made:  Jon Brockton is that forward/center — or at least the center reality of a forward very likely named Jon Brockman.  Brockton may be something of an imaginary twin of Brockman, who lives on in the Bucks brain trust.  They believed they were filling a need for a back-up center — and they filled it — in their imaginations.   This belief may be strong, so strong that on certain occasions (usually on the road where the presence of doubting, skeptical Bucks fans might prevent it) …

… a center named Jon Brockton appears.  Bucks beat reporter Tom Enlund saw him Monday night in Utah.  Maybe we’ll see him tonight in Denver.

If so, somebody hand him a Bucks contract — they need center Jon Brockton.