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Ex-Badger Greg Stiemsma sets Celtics blocked shots record

I heard that Michael Redd signed a one-year deal with the Phoenix Suns late this week, but something more important happened in New Orleans Wednesday night.

Greg Stiemsma, the former Badger center and one and only NBA player from the tiny town of Randolph, WI, set a Boston Celtics franchise record by blocking six shots in his first NBA game.

According to Celtics media notes and Elias Sports bureau, Stiemsma broke the record set by Paul Pierce in his first NBA game, Feb. 5, 1999.  The all-time record for most blocks in a rookie debut is eight, set in 1993 by the Sixers’ Shawn Bradley, who was 7-foot-six and most of that was wingspan.

Stiemsma has arrived in the NBA, and they love him in Celticsland.

“We’re going to see a lot more of Greg Stiemsma this season!”  crowed Celtics broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn, who played with arguably the best shot-blocker in NBA history, Bill Russell.

Can we get a shout-out to Randolph!   Stiemsma was the bright spot in a forgettable 97-98 loss to the Hornets in New Orleans.