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They’re not joking: Nazr Mohammed and Andrew Bogut take aim at the NBA’s lockout-focused Twitter accounts

Retweeted on Twitter this evening by Bucks center Andrew Bogut:

Nazr Mohammed

@NazrMohammed Nazr Mohammed
.@NBA @nba_labor Don’t tweet me during this lockout! Isn’t that a fine or something lol?!?! #NBALockout
I think somebody’s getting restless to get back to work, possibly a hopeful sign that the “take it or leave it” games the owners and players’ union leaders are playing over “Basketball Related Income” are about to end.  Possibly.
The latest news has the players unhappy that union executive director Billy Hunter walked out on negotiations last week, taking a hard line at 52 percent BRI.  Seems there is now “an unmistakeable push,” according to Yahoo’s NBA columnist, to package a 50-50 deal and get back to work before another paycheck is missed.
But it also reminds me that the Bucks need a backup center for Bogut. Nazr Mohammed, veteran center, an unrestricted free agent, last seen in the 2011 playoffs with the OK City Thunder, having more impact than Kendrick Perkins, fits the bill.
Is it against the rules for NBA centers to make lockout jokes during the lockout?
(Ed. Note:  Upon further review, Mohammed and Bogut weren’t joking.  Seems they’re fed up receiving tweets from the new NBA twitter accounts, @NBA @nba_labor).
Rather hypocrtical isn’t it?   Lock the employees out, prevent them from any communication with their coaches or front offices, then tweet at them.