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Bucks land Mike Dunleavy, Jr.

This just in from Wojnarowksi at Yahoo! NBA:

“WojYahooNBA: Free agent forward Mike Dunleavy will sign a two year, $7.5 million deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, league source tells Y! Sports.”
The 31-year-old Dunleavy’s a natural scorer, a 6-9 forward-guard who will be a nice addition to the Bucks depth.  He’ll be a welcome relief off the Bucks bench on those nights when Stephen Jackson is chucking away with no conscience and Andrew Bogut and gang are ducking the missile like bricks rocketing off the rim on Captain Jack’s misses.   (Don’t whince – this will actually happen, just as it did in Charlotte).
No, Mike Jr. doesn’t play anything but average defense but the thinking here is that he’s a hired scoring gun.
Dunleavy’s career stats.  12.1 points, 80 percent on free throws, 36 percent from downtown.  Average defensive rating (1o7) but an offensive rating of 108 — above the NBA average and a very high 115 last season.  Mike’s a gun.
His dad, Mike Dunleavy, Sr., of course, has held just about every job with the Bucks that there is.  He played with Marques and Sidney in 1984 and was a Buck in 1984-85 after the Marques trade for Terry Cummings.  He returned as an assistant coach/player-coach in the Del Harris years, taking over as head coach in 1992 when Harris moved to the front office and the Bucks tore down and began rebuilding.   When Harris left Dunleavy became coach/GM.  (Apparently, Herb Kohl thought he could do anything and everything).
Dunleavy, Sr., fans may recall, drafted Big Dog and was the Dog’s first NBA coach.  They got along pretty well, and Dunleavy managed to pull off some fan-friendly deals that brought in his old teammates such as Terry Cummings and Alton Lister to play alongside his young star (and knock him around in practice).
Dunleavy was not with the Bucks in Don Nelson’s last season, 1986-87,  Scott Skiles’ rookie year and lone season as a Buck (owner Herb Kohl didn’t want the hotheaded Skiles and his past drug history).   But now that Sidney Moncrief is on Skiles’ staff, not only is there a connection to Dunleavy Sr.’s playing days, but an offensive mind in Moncrief who will know how to best use Dunleavy’s instant offense.