Voodoo Doll used to disable Bogut found in Carmelo Anthony’s possession

It was in his travel bag, discovered by airport security after metal detectors at a Cleveland airport inexplicably went haywire when scanning the bag.  Carmelo Anthony, in Cleveland to play the Cavs earlier that night, denied knowledge of what it was or how it got there, but there it was:  the Voodoo Doll, with the initials “AB” embroidered into its hemp straw buttocks.

The doll was discovered just hours after Bogut crumpled to the floor in Houston, holding his ankle in agony after rolling it on Kevin Lowry‘s foot in the first quarter of the Bucks-Rockets game.

“Someone has a voodoo doll and is putting pins in me,” a helpless sounding Bogut said after the game, worrying about whether the injury may be more than the ankle sprain that it appears to be. (AP story link – yes, he really said it.)  UPDATE #2:  It’s worse than a sprain, a fracture has been found and the Bucks just announced that Bogut will be out indefinitely.

“Bogey,” the doll is rumored to have burped at approximately the time of Bogut’s injury.  It has offered no comment since being taken into custody Wednesday night.

Bogut has suffered a string of strange injuries, ranging from ill-fitting back bones, a mangled arm in a horrific fall in April 2010 (since surgically repaired), bashed knees and thighs, migraines, ankle sprains and a host of minor things that Bogut better not mention.  Bucks fans have taken to calling their center “Andrew Broke-it” and have all but given up on hopes that their center can ever play a full season.

Because this is a basketball blog, here’s where we throw in some really important stats.  Bogut had already missed five games going into the Rockets game, bringing his total missed games over the last three-plus seasons to 81 games.  He’s appeared on the blocked shots per game leader boards but hasn’t played enough to qualify for the per game rebounding leader board since 2008, when Larry Krstkowiak was Bucks coach.   Bogut won’t make the boards board this again this season, not if missing a week two weeks (see note below) 8-12 weeks!!! treating his ankle.

Why Carmelo Anthony?  And why now?  It’s no secret that since a Bucks win over Denver in Milwaukee in November 2009, ‘Melo and the Bucks have not gotten along, with he and Bogut at the center of confrontation.  This has continued in Knicks-Bucks games since Carmelo became a Knick, games that have left the Knicks complaining about elbows and the Bucks physical play.  It should not escape notice that Amar’e Stoudemire is a Knick, nor that Stoudemire’s little shove in the back contributed to Bogut’s horrific, arm-mangling fall (Amar’e was then a Sun).

So there’s history, bad blood and a general understanding on the Knicks side that the Bucks are out to intimidate them.  The Knicks beat the Bucks last February in Carmelo’s first game in New York, but the Bucks have won all three matches since, most recently last week’s win in New York, which featured an increasingly frustrated ‘Melo getting kicked out of the game.

And now that Bogut’s gang appears to have their number, the Knicks (7-11) are losers of seven of their last eight, coach Mike D’Antoni is on the hot seat and may lose his job any day now, and the New Yorkers are looking up at the Bucks (7-10) in the Eastern Conference standings.

Enter said voodoo doll, a pin to its ankle area as the Knicks were struggling against the Cavs, and Bogut was limping off the Houston court with an ankle sprain a fractured ankle.

The Bucks beat the Rockets without Bogut to remain ahead of the Knicks, but it may be only a matter of time before the voodoo doll works its intended magic.  ….  Next up for the Bogut-less Bucks is a back-to-back against the Bulls (in Chicago) and the Lakers (in Milwaukee).

Update:  Bogut will be out indefinitely (updated to 8-12 weeks) according to the Bucks, after the MRI today revealed a fractured ankle.

14 thoughts on “Voodoo Doll used to disable Bogut found in Carmelo Anthony’s possession

  1. Kevin

    The Hornets have mostly young players, so it would have to be an exchange for one of ours. Better to make it a 3 team deal.

  2. J.D. Mo Post author

    Just did a highly-speculative Kaman post that the league office probably wouldn’t like, but it depends. What is known is that the Celtics aren’t interested in a trade. They would prefer a buyout similar to the Sam Cassell deal in 2008.

    The Bucks would almost have to make it Jack for Kaman to make the dollars work, then cobble it together from there. Ersan is the obvious trade add-on, which seems like a very credible offer for Kaman — a cinch if Jackson was expiring this year. As much as we’re seeing Ersan getting it done now, the front office will take the Leuer road, so, may as well fill the center spot for now.

    What the Bucks would have to add-on in exchange for the Hornets taking on Jackson in 2012-13 seems to be the question.

  3. Kevin

    Jackson and Ersan would give them 15 players and leave us an extra 2 million to pay. I don’t think we could trade Jackson to anyone not to mention the NBA protected Hornets. It looks like the Celtics have the inside track anyway. But if that deal somehow happens, then it puts a lot of pressue on Harris and Hobson. Leuer would be fine, rebounding should improve. Hopefully.

  4. Kevin

    If Gooden could get some help on the boards, I like this Bucks team. Bogut could almost be our backup center Also, now all of our bigs can get the minutes they need.
    Really don’t see us getting Kaman because we would have to strip our team of salaries. I also would rather see Delfino moved than Jackson, but the Captain might be wearing out his welcome.

  5. J.D. Mo Post author

    The Hornets would probably take Jackson and some combination of low-priced young players – Sanders, Ilyasova, Hobson … That’s a high price for Kaman, but we have to look coldly at the contracts. Do the Bucks want to resign Ersan or clear PF minutes for Leuer? Jackson probably won’t get the raise he wants. The Bucks have no Room to declare next season unless they make a deal. Hammond may want Room, and Kaman’s $14 million expiring would give him that while clearing the way for both Leuer and Harris.

    I’d rather see this team gel but, looking at this as Hammond might, I can see it happening. Kaman would make a difference (reliable offense, better rebounding), and I’m pretty sure Hammond isn’t too interested in seeing the Bucks as assembled gel without Bogut, or in the Bucks missing the playoffs — which gets back to the question of whether New York will stay down.

  6. Kevin

    Dunleavy, Beno making shots. Too bad they cut it to 8 so quickly. Fateful third quarter coming up.
    Gooden makes 8 mil less than Kaman, but has that long contract. Maybe a three team deal?

  7. J.D. Mo Post author

    Not in favor of young guys for Kaman. I’d rather watch Leuer and Sanders … and not make the playoffs.

  8. J.D. Mo Post author

    We’ll need Sanders on the other AB – Bynum, tonight. I agree with starting Ersan just to get the Bucks out of the gate tough against Gasol and Bynum.
    The other thing about this one is that we’ll need Moute away from the basket, guarding Kobe for long stretches — it’s our best chance of stealing this one. So who’s going to make shots? BJ3 should have a field day, but will need Dunleavy and Del, as you mentioned. Can’t win without them hitting some shots.
    Jackson will not play because he’s suspended.
    Who for Kaman? Jack? Dunleavy? Delfino? Hornets might want Ersan? There are options. I don’t think the Hornets would want Gooden’s contract, but who knows?

  9. Kevin

    First, without Bogut, Skiles needs to start bigger with Ersan and Gooden. Drew is a heckuva lot better offensively than Bogut right now and Ersan showed he can rebound. Sanders and Leuer backing up would be a good offense defense combo. But I have to point at the shooting of our wings. Jackson, Delfino and Dunleavy shot 5-23 combined. That will always be the main problem.
    As far as the rest of the rotation, Dunleavy should start with Delfino coming off the bench. Dunleavy needs to be more involved and Carlos might show up more often. I’m not sure about Livingston/Jackson, but Jax will not be available tonight.
    New Orleans is shopping Kaman, but I can’t see who they could trade for him. And should they give up young players for a guy who might lead us to the 8th seed and then walk?

  10. J.D. Mo. Post author

    When is the right time for a coach to stop coaching and let the guys he’s got on the court play? It probably would not have made a difference last night but in the 4th, Skiles just seemed to throw up his hands and let it play out. Streetball with Udrih, Jennings, Jack, Leuer and Gooden. Not Bucks basketball. The game never felt close, even with the Bulls missing free throws. Did Skiles just give up?

    Against Atlanta at home, he did the same in a winnable game and it worked well for a while – Jennings with Jackson, Dunleavy, Ersan and Gooden — until those guys ran out of gas and Joe Johnson got hot. Hindsight is not fair, we know, but Skiles kinda gave up on his starters and it may have cost the Bucks another game.

    When does Skiles stop searching for combinations and let a rotation settle in? When a rotation starts working, when does a coach help with the right substitution? When do the Bucks find consistency and balance? Is Skiles helping this team or hurting it? These are the questions that will be on my mind tonight when watching the Bucks-Lakers at the BC.

  11. J.D. Mo. Post author

    The Bucks are still clinging to 8th after losing to the Bulls, but how long can it last?

    A bad start for Gooden and Mbah a Moute in the 3rd quarter, so Skiles goes to Ilyasova — bam, foul number four. So Skiles pulls Ersan and just rides it out with Leuer and Gooden the rest of the way. Sanders scarcely played. Sure, Leuer and Gooden filled it up couldn’t dent the lead because the poor D made Boozer and Noah look like All-Stars — 35 points and 29 rebounds. That wasn’t Bucks basketball.

    Meanwhile, Luol Deng wasn’t playing but Delfino can’t get anything going against Ronnie Brewer. In fact, no one can get anything going against Brewer. The box score makes it look like Delfino didn’t show up last night, but from what I saw, Skiles didn’t really give him much of a chance. One more thing to keep an eye on with this coach, who seems to breed inconsistency.

  12. Kevin

    I think Ersan should get the nod with his 19 rebounds against Houston. Gooden supplies offense, Sanders will block shots. Skiles should rotate these three guys and even play two of them together.
    Dunleavy and Jackson showed how much they can bring to this offense. Can it continue?

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