Somebody on the Milwaukee Bucks doesn’t “get it”

“Last night was not a game where you just throw up your hands and say, ‘We don’t get it.’ Sometimes those things happen. Shaun will be out at the 1, for sure, tonight. He’s comfortable there and we have confidence in him there.” — Bucks coach Scott Skiles, talking about point guards and the loss Monday night in Denver.

What this means, I don’t know.  Was Skiles saying that Brandon Jennings threw up his “I don’t get it!” hands in the 4th quarter of the Bucks’ 91-86 loss to Denver, when the Bucks scored all of five points in the final eight minutes of the game?   Or was the coach admitting that he threw up his and said, “I don’t get it?”

Neither Jennings nor his coach looked as though they “got it” in the fourth quarter in Denver.

At minimum, the above comment from Skiles acknowledges that he just might – might – bench Jennings if the point guard plays clueless, and that maybe – maybe- Shaun Livingston might get the call in light of the injury to Jennings’ backup, Beno Udrih.

Maybe.  Comments like the one Skiles made above had no bearing on the Bucks miserable play in Salt Lake City last night.

Jennings shot 4-19 in the Bucks 85-73 loss.  Stephen Jackson, starting again at guard-forward-forward-guard shot 5-17.  No, they don’t do enough in other parts of their games to make up for a 9-for-36.

4 thoughts on “Somebody on the Milwaukee Bucks doesn’t “get it”

  1. J.D. Mo. Post author

    Good to know that I didn’t misread the box score. Shouldn’t spend too much time reading the Journal Sentinel.

  2. Kevin

    Delfino made a shot at the end of the game, a short bank shot.
    17 for 75 as a team outside of Gooden. Good to see Drew, but too many long jumpers and he needed help guarding “Big Al” in the second half.

  3. J.D. Mo. Post author

    CORRECTION: Delfino was 0 for 7. There’s nowhere to go but up for the Bucks starting wings (Del and Jax). Could they really shoot worse than a combined 5 of 24 in Utah? Six for 24 or bust fellas, or just give it up to Ersan and Leuer.

  4. J.D. Mo. Post author

    And 1 for 8 from Ilyasova; and 1 for 8 from Delfino. That leaves the starters-not-named-Drew-Gooden shooting 11 for 52 from the floor last night.

    Gooden was hitting in midrange and had a solid 12-20 offensive night to go along with 12 boards. Might have to declare January 3, 2011 Drew Gooden Day in Bucksland.

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