Delfino was wide open

That’s all that needs to be said about the final shot Brandon Jennings chucked at the rim against the Denver Nuggets, his team down three, 90-87.

Delfino, the inbound passer, was wide open.

Hands raised, ready to shoot, the best three-baller on the team.

Carlos Delfino was wide open.



4 thoughts on “Delfino was wide open

  1. Kevin

    At least go with a bigger lineup even if you keep Bogut in. Luc made a nice reverse layup but he was shooting long jumpers because he starting hitting the open 12 footer last year that defenses were giving him. Skiles waits until too much damage is done before taking a timeout, something every coach we’ve had in recent years has done.
    Utah is 2-0 at home, including a win over the Sixers without Jefferson. And no Dunleavy unless he flys in tonight.

  2. J.D. Mo. Post author

    The lineup in the 4th when Denver went on a 10-0 run to turn an 81-76 deficit into a 81-86 lead:

    Bogut, Mbah a Moute, Jackson, Livingston, Jennings.

    Midway through the run, Skiles subs Delfino for Livingston.

    At 2:46 left in the game, the Bucks had not scored in 5+ minutes. Skiles subs Ilyasova for Moute. Delfino hits a three at 2:28 left to end the run. 84-86 Nuggets. Bucks end up scoring just 5 points in the final 8 mins of the game.

    No Ilyasova, no Leuer, no Gooden during that run. Unlike Beno, they were all healthy. I think you park Bogut on the bench and go with Leuer and Ilyasova, either of whom can score and play center against the small Nuggets. Skiles?

  3. J.D. Mo. Post author

    Bogut and Skiles were most disappointing. Some good defense by Bogut, but not enough of it, and a couple of hooks that were so far off you had to wonder whether his offensive skills have regressed. I know he doesn’t like playing in Denver, missed the mile-high game last season, hardly played at all the one previous in ihis all-pro year, but he was not good.

    Skiles yanks Ersan just as he’s getting going in the first, then doesn’t play him again the rest of the half. In the second half, it’s Leuer who gets snubbed in favor of Mbah a Moute who was missing his jumper badly. They needed guys on the court that can stick a shot, and that’s Leuer, Ersan and Delfino — not to say that Jennings would have let them shoot.

    Good thing Utah is tonight so this one can be quickly forgotten.

  4. Kevin

    I know this team can’t play 4 quarters but I thought it could play 3. What an ugly game. Where was Leuer in the 4th quarter and wasn’t Bogut hacked by Harrington? After the game Harrington was asked how he stopped Bogut and he smiled and said “My strength.” Lawson ran a layup drill. Beno was missed. A shame not to take advantage of the tired, shorthanded Nuggets.

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