Wizards vs. Bucks: Nick Young, Bucks killer

The Bucks went to Washington, D.C. last February figuring to toss a win against the Wizards into their 8th-seed hamper.  John Wall hadn’t been a problem in his first meeting with the Bucks in Milwaukee (a 100-87 Bucks win), and, this time, Brandon Jennings was back in the Bucks lineup after missing six weeks with a foot fracture.

What Jennings and mates found in Washington was Nick Young‘s afro and Nick Young’s jumpshot.

26 points from Young later and the Bucks were 100-85 losers – and nothing resembling the playoff team they had hoped to be and thought they were.

Nick Young is a Bucks killer, and it was an efficient killing: 10-19 shooting, three from Downtown, 3 of 3 from the line.  Young was aided by guard Cartier Martin, who made five from downtown and scored 15.

The Bucks tried, oh they tried to guard the three point line.  John Salmons was no slouch defender.

Salmons is no longer a Buck, and Stephen Jackson will hawk the 3-point-line for the Bucks tonight at the BC against the Wiz.

Martin is no longer with the Wizards.  But Young will be in the building, starting at shooting guard.  Last season he averaged 19 in three games against the Bucks, better than his 17.4 pts per game average, and they needed to hold Young to ten in the third meeting to get it down from 23.5 in the first two.

In the 2009-10 season, Young averaged 20.2 in the four games the Wizards split against the Bucks.  Seven games in two seasons, three losses to the Wiz.  In the two wins that Young started in, he averaging 23.5 points per.

Nick Young is a Bucks killer.

4 thoughts on “Wizards vs. Bucks: Nick Young, Bucks killer

  1. J.D. Mo. Post author

    The center minutes went to:
    Bogut – 35 mins. 13 pts, 15 rebs. 3 blocks.
    Leuer and Ilyasova = the other 13.

    The power forward minutes went to:
    Ilyasova – 25 mins. – 16 pts, 7 rebs.
    Leuer – 14.5 mins – 4 pts 5 rebs.
    Sanders – 6 mins with Bogut in first half.
    Brockman – 2.5 mins in garbage time.

  2. J.D. Mo. Post author

    After a shaky third and a flurry in the early 4th that went the Bucks way after Bogut took a charge and Delfino hit a three, Bucks hold off the Wizards 102-81. To the rescue was Delfino with some good shooting, Bogut with defense that refused to let the Wiz get to the hoop, and Jennings driving aggressively when the Bucks needed points the most.
    Drew Gooden, for now, appears to have fallen out of the rotation.

  3. J.D. Mo. Post author

    Young hits his first shot, a 3-pointer, with about 30 seconds left in the 3rd to pull the Wizards to within 11.

    It’s 78-67 at end of the 3rd. The Bucks scored all of 13 points in the 3rd. Javale McGee dunks to start the 4th, Bucks lead cut to 9, now 10 after a Bogut free throw.

    Leuer with a steal, Jennings a layup on the break. The game hangs in the balance but Young misses again and the wiz throw it away after grabbing the offensive board. 81-69. Another dunk by McGee and the Wizards are hanging in there. Nothing comes easy for our Bucks.

  4. J.D. Mo. Post author

    3-and-a-half minutes into the 3rd quarter and Young is 0-for-7 from the floor. The Bucks are up 19 on the Wiz, so I don’t think Young will be killing anybody tonight.

    However, the Bucks have scored all of 2 points in 5-plus minutes and the Wiz have cut the lead to 17. Another Bucks meltdown in the 3rd quarter is brewing … anything can happen from here.

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