The Stephen Jackson blues

Sometimes, the NBA obsessed just have to admit that there are times when the game is best viewed through a kaleidoscope.  After last night’s mostly clunky Bucks scrimmage against the 3-bombing Timberwolves, one of those times has arrived in Bucksland.

Seems there’s little else to do but cue up video of new Bucks guard Stephen Jackson being ridiculous.  No, I’m not posting the Malice at the Palace or his summer rap video.  This is even better:

From Ball Don’t Lie: “Stephen Jackson’s headband-wearing skills have diminished.”

Jackson didn’t play last night, Bucks fans have yet to see him play at all with his new team and coach Scott Skiles doesn’t dig headbands.  Yet it somehow feels like the Bucks are missing Jackson’s on court aggression already.

4 thoughts on “The Stephen Jackson blues

  1. Kevin

    Looks like they are staying with Gooden, but they can still take someone over Brock. Another possibility besides Mikki Moore is Keith Benson who we passed on and was waived by Atlanta.
    Let’s hope they don’t lay an egg tonight. This is probable their easiest road game of the year. Maggette will be out for blood, though.

  2. J.D. Mo. Post author

    Dalembert finally signed with Houston. The list of backup centers is so picked over that the only candidates left are probably the three guys who have played here: Pryz, Gadz and EARL. I’d take Earl based on what we saw last season and how competent he was being with the team only a few weeks.

    And Earl in two games with the Blazers last season: 7 boards a game in only 18 minutes per. Earl! They could waive Brockman.

  3. Kevin

    Good to hear Jackson will be ready to go for the opener.
    Earl Barron just waived by Portland. Another upgrade over Brockman.

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