Dooling traded to Boston

The Celtics have taken point guard Keyon Dooling off the Bucks hands (yeah, calling Dooling a point guard is kind of a stretch at this point) clearing a roster spot for rookies Jon Leuer and Darington Hobson, who’s back in the Bucks camp after double hip surgery last season.

How’d the Celtics, who are well over the salary cap and in luxury tax land, pick up Dooling without having to give up a $2 million player?  They used a trade exception.

In addition to Dooling, the C’s will receive a protected second round pick from the Bucks — which amounts to the Bucks having to ask Celtics GM Danny Ainge, “what do we have to give you take him off our hands?”

Dooling was the Bucks biannual exception player, signed last year in GM John Hammond’s summer of disasters and will be paid $2.25 million this season.  The Bucks this summer acquired point guards Beno Udrih and Shaun Livingston, making Dooling expendable.

EDIT: “making Dooling VERY expendable.”

15 thoughts on “Dooling traded to Boston

  1. Kevin

    Moute should back up Delfino and Sanders behind Bogut for the most part. That leaves Gooden (maybe), Ersan and Leuer at the 4. When Ersan goes back to Turkey next year, Leuer should step in the rotation.
    I was also thinking that we have Alexander back in the D League. Harris was just a bad choice.

  2. J.D. Mo. Post author

    So many forwards, so little playing time. Ilyasova-Gooden-Sanders-Moute — only 60-65 minutes available at PF and backup center.
    The word from the Bucks camp is that Harris and Leuer can both play PF, but when have we heard that before? Joe Alexander. I think they’ll see some D-League action.

    Bucks-T-Wolves in 15 minutes!!!

  3. Kevin

    I just saw that Memphis waived Mikki Moore after 3 days. Not a big name, but an upgrade over Brock for sure. If we had to give up a pick to unload Dooling, what would it take to trade Brockman? Maybe Miami, with Bosh moving to the pivot?
    The roster probably is set but now Jax is acting up about an extension. The number of guards who have played effectively at age 36 you can count on one hand. Maybe make it one more year as a team option. My understanding is that only one year is guaranteed now. But we don’t even know if he can play yet. This could lead to a shakeup like packaging him with Ersan and Brock and getting what we can. Addition by subtraction. But who would want to do it?

  4. J.D. Mo. Post author

    Hobson was reportedly partially guaranteed and only note on Leuer was that he signed and that the Bucks now have 15 guaranteed contracts in training camp, according to Journal Sentinel. I think it’s safe to assume that Leuer is partially guaranteed. If the Bucks wanted a true backup center they could waive one of the forwards; Nazr’s good enough to justify it but too expensive and in demand. Even Kurt Thomas was too much in demand for the Bucks. The others aren’t good enough — Pryz isn’t worth it until somebody goes down with injury. The 15 under contract look like the 15 we’ll start the season with.

  5. Kevin

    I botched the Nene deal, but it’s still high. Leuer and Hobson contracts are NGs I believe, but I think they both will stick or they could go to the D League.

  6. J.D. Mo. Post author

    I read $67 million for Nene over five years, or $13.5 million per eyar. He’s better than noncenter Emeka Okafor and still paid less than overpaid Andrew Bynum, but will be making more than Bogut, who’s better. Kwame? The mind reels. The Warriors might be less interesting than the Kings this season.

    I’m beginning to doubt that Hammond will sign another center, unless it’s Przybilla as a stopgap. He’s got no roster space now that he’s signed Luc, Leuer, Hobson and Harris, and it looks like Sanders will be the backup behind Bogut. Hopefully Gooden can lend a hand because there’s just too little PT at power forward ….

  7. Kevin

    7 million for Kwame, 57 million for 4 years for Nene? I thought the lockout would eliminate this kind of spending. Good lord, he averages 7 rebounds and 14 points, but then again how many centers do? Nazr will surely be too expensive. So it looks like Sanders will be the designated backup with all those forwards that need minutes. In this scenario, there will always be a shotblocker in there. It will be interesting to see how much Luc plays at the 3 and how much Leuer will play.

  8. J.D. Mo. Post author

    Here’s the list of free agent centers that might be considered realistic for the Bucks in the $2.5-$3-5 million range. Note that Dalembert, Krstic, Hawes and DeAndre Jordan have been scratched off the list.

    Joel Przybilla, Charlotte Bobcats – $7.4 million – Unrestricted
    Tony Battie, Philadelphia 76ers – $1.4 million – Unrestricted
    Kyrylo Fesenko, Utah Jazz – $1.1 million – Unrestricted
    Nazr Mohammed, Oklahoma City Thunder – $6.9 million – Unrestricted
    Aaron Gray, New Orleans Hornets – $0.9 million – Player Option ($0.9 million)
    Kwame Brown, Charlotte Bobcats – $1.3 million – Unrestricted
    Jason Collins, Atlanta Hawks – $1.2 million – Unrestricted
    Eddy Curry – $11.3 million – Unrestricted
    Hamed Haddadi, Memphis Grizzlies – $1.8 million – Unrestricted* – not familiar at all w/ Haddadi
    Alexis Ajinca, Toronto Raptors – $1.5 million – Unrestricted
    Hilton Armstrong, Atlanta Hawks – $0.9 million – Unrestricted
    Ryan Hollins, Cleveland Cavaliers – $2.3 million – Player Option ($2.5 million)

  9. Kevin

    Hobson could fill a need at the wings, especially if Jax’ hamstring remains a problem. They need Leuer for insurance because of Gooden’s health and Sanders still developing. Ersan and Brockman together for a center would be the best scenario. If they can’t get Nazr, I would sign Gadz.
    If nothing is done, which would be unbelievable, maybe start Sanders at the 4 and back up Bogut with Gooden, Then they will always have a proven presence in the post and it would also contol their minutes. With their history of injuries and a condensed schedule, that could benefit both pllayers.

  10. J.D. Mo. Post author

    I don’t like Pryz or Lopez on this — Nazr Mohammed would fit the bill: a lot of experience and they could sign him.
    Aaron Gray got good in New Orleans. I’d far prefer him than Przybilla on his last leg.

  11. J.D. Mo. Post author

    $2.5 – $3.5 million to sign a backup center. Someone would have to go — Hobson or Leuer most likely. Or Brockman?

  12. J.D. Mo. Post author

    The way the Dooling deal works, the Celtics trade exception will be used to pay part of Dunleavy’s salary, so we’re looking at a $1.5 million hit on the cap space for Dunleavy.
    What we don’t know yet is whether the Bucks are using part of the MLE to pay Dunleavy or whether they declared “Room” and have renounced the MLE for this year.
    If they used the MLE they have $3.5 million for a center. If they declared “room” they have $2.7 under room plus the new $2.5 million exception created for Room teams. Either way. they’ve got money for a backup center, anyone from Przybilla to Mohammed.
    The real question is whether John Hammond agrees that we need one, or whether he thinks Bogut and Sanders are just fine by themselves. They need a backup center.

  13. Kevin

    Still no backup center. I hope they’re not serious about Pryz, who reminds me of Shaq running down the floor in his last game. Robin Lopez’ name is on some other sites fan posts as a player to pursue in a trade and I would agree.
    I like the other moves OK. I had my sights on Rasual Butler and he even was willing to go to Toronto.
    A guy like Nick Young would probably have been too expensive.

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