Michael Redd: The elephant in the room isn’t bothering anyone; it may as well stay

Why trade an $18 million contract that expires at the end of the season and is being reimbursed at an 80 percent insurance rate?  You wouldn’t, and Bucks GM John Hammond probably won’t, Hammond last week told WSSP (1250 AM) sports radio.

Because Michael Redd has missed more than 41 games in a row, insurance pays 80 percent (according to our trustworthy sources at Brewhoop) of Redd’s $18.3 million salary.   Game 41 missed for Redd was last April and he’s missed 45 games since and seven playoff games.  Even by conservative estimates, the Bucks have kept about $8 million in payroll they would have paid to Redd, and are currently saving about $40,000 per day (a cool million a month, minimum).

Of course, Hammond didn’t mention the insurance in the interview, and what John Hammond says and what John Hammond does are two different things.  But Bucks owner Sen. Herb Kohl is, for a change, making money this season, win or lose.

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