Andrew Bogut is a beast

“NBA fans, take a look at this guy Bogut,” said TNT analyst Kenny Smith after watching the highlight of Andrew Bogut blocking a driving Paul Pierce shot in the lane, snatching the ball and launching the outlet to half court where it found a streaking Brandon Jennings.

“He’s going to be in the NBA a long time.” Not sure what Charles was doing during these highlights of the Bucks 86-84 win over the Celtics Tuesday. Guffawww …

“He was a monster,” wrote Kelly Dwyer in “Behind the Box Score” at Ball Don’t Lie. “Actually, he was Andrew Bogut. I’m not going to tell you that he hasn’t improved this season, he has, but this guy has been there all along. It’s just taken a series of coaches (and his current coach’s second year) to realize that.”

So the Bucks are 34-29 and holding on to the fifth playoff spot in the East, hoping for a first round matchup against either the Celtics or the Hawks (for many reasons, Kevin Garnett chief among them, I hope it’s the Hawks). When the season started I didn’t think I’d be writing that sentence with 19 games to play, but there it is. Coach of the Year buzz (Smith again) is humming around Scott Skiles.

And Andrew Bogut (25 pts, 17 boards and a lot of great D against the Celtics) is at last playing like the big center who was at the top of the draft boards in 2005.  Bogut is now perhaps 2nd only to Dwight Howard as an NBA center.

Like Dwyer said, Andrew Bogut has become Andrew Bogut.

It’s about time.

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