Redd rings in the next decade: Send beer money, please!!!

The Bucks opened the 2000-teens with a teeter-totter win Saturday against the improving Oklahoma City Thunder, apparently no longer just a team providing food, condos and free tutoring for lottery picks. The Bucks outshot Kevin Durant and crew in the 4th quarter and overtime, thanks to some big shots from Michael Redd, who got hot in the 4th quarter on his way to 27 points.

Prior to Saturday's game, Redd had scored just 14 points total in losses to Orlando, Charlotte and San Antonio, and looked bad doing it. Thusly written was a fitting end to the loss-heavy Michael Redd decade. That Redd opened the next decade with a big game is no reason to celebrate. It's sad, and oh so typical of the mixed signals the Bucks organization continues to send to what's left of its fan base. (See lack of ball movement in the highlight film below).

The Bucks as a team have generally looked so bad in the last six games that it's come to this: I have no choice but request beer funds to supplement this Bucks watching-writing venture.

True, I'm on record stating that I don't care whether the Bucks win or lose, make the playoffs or not, in this, Brandon Jennings' rookie season. I still don't, and I appreciated the Dec. 18 effort put forth in Cleveland, for example, when the Bucks clawed to within a game-tying three-pointer of the Cavs. Two days prior, the Bucks had a win against the Lakers stolen by the refs in OT.

I would indeed rather see the Bucks play D and move the ball around like they did at times during the loss to the Magic Dec. 30 than watch them win a game playing one-on-one — which is what Redd was doing in the 4th quarter and OT against the Thunder Saturday.

If I have to watch more of the same (and wasn't there enough of that in the decade just past?) the beer can't possibly be on me.

Let's not ignore the ignoble thumping the Bucks took in Charlotte, nor coach Scott Skiles' benching of Redd and Andrew Bogut in the 2nd half. 

“It’s not so much producing. It’s body language and the way we look out there,” Skiles said. “The bottom line: this is the NBA. You have to produce. It’s what pro sports is. And we need more consistent production out of our key players.”

How about the Spurs game at the BC the day after Christmas? Only one team appeared interested in playing the game, and it wasn't our Bucks.

It was during the Spurs game that I realized I can no longer watch this Bucks team sober. Nor should I alone bear the financial burden of self-medicating to endure such awful basketball product.

So the call goes out: Send beer money, PLEASE. Really. Here's the address:

The Bob Boozer Jinx

PO Box 510624

Milwaukee, WI  53203

No, I'm not kidding. That PO Box address is the one and only official address of The Bob Boozer Jinx blog.

Now, let's take a gander at the lack of ball movement on many of Redd's scoring plays against the Thunder. Duly noted, send beer money, PLEASE!!!  And Thank you.

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