(more) VIDEO: Bucks rookies impress in NBA summer league

Now that we've had our fun in the brothels skirting Vegas and the hot tubs of Tao, let's address how our summer league Bucks are doing.

In a word — impressive. First round pick Brandon Jennings tore through the Sacramento Kings for 13 pts, 14 assists and 7 steals. Jodie Meeks continued his hot shooting, pouring in 20 pts. Joe Alexander looked strong and competent, leading the Bucks with 24 pts. Newly acquired Amir Johnson (just 22 but probably a bit advanced for the summer league) looks long-armed and athletic, and can run the floor. One can only hope that the days of the slow-footed Bucks are finally over. Here's the video evidence:

The Bucks, 3-0 to start the summer session, continued play Wednesday against the Raptors and rookie Demar Derozan the Bulls. Check how the Raptors aren't making as big a splash about their summer league squad as the Bucks, who've devoted their home page to the new kids. A good sign on the Bucks' youth movement road.

The Bucks finish summer league play tomorrow afternoon against the Bulls team. the Raptors. I'll post the highlights as they come.

CORRECTION: Looks like the Bucks are playing the Bulls tonight and the Raptors tomorrow. (I take back anything good I may have said above about Bucks marketing. Can y'all get the schedule right on the home page?Culture change, Mr. Hammond, culture change.)

Brewhoop's got some Bulls game notes going in his comments section. Jennings, Amir and Joe played well again as the Bucks never trailed after the opening minutes and dominated the 2nd half, winning 87-72 to remain unbeaten in summer play. Joe led all scorers with 18; Amir grabbed 8 boards and scored 17; Jennings dished out 9 assists and chipped in 14 pts. Here's the highlight reel:

Today (Thursday), the Bucks fell one point short of running their 5-game summer league table, losing to the Raptors 84-83. Jodie Meeks continued pouring it in from downtown Vegas, hitting 4-8 three pointers and leading the scoring with 29 pts. In this one, Jennings turned it over 8 times.

Meeks the scoring machine. Somebody at Hoopsworld isn't surprised at all that Meeks has been filling it up in summer league.

They're not surprised down in Meeks' Kentucky home turf either. Looks like GM John Hammond (and his draft guru, Jeff Weltman) did their homework this year.

Brandon Jennings on youtube. Looks like the work of his agent or his mom, but you'll find the full line of Jennings highlight videos there.


Bucks business notes:  The Josh Childress flirtation is over. Never made much sense anyway and was probably little more than idle curiosity about what the Hawks might be willing to trade him for. Gotta funny & absurd feeling the Childress thing just might have been a $6 million Dan Gadzuric trade exploration. The Hawks do need something of a center behind Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia. (suppress laughter here).

I hope nobody in Bucks fandom is getting attached to Salim Stoudamire, an undersized shooting guard the Bucks snapped up at the end of last season. Brewhoop this week learned the details of Stoudamire's non-guaranteed contract, reporting that NONE of his $884,000 is guaranteed if Stoudamire is cut before training camp. If he goes to training camp, roughly half of his salary would become guaranteed.

Shooting guards Michael Redd and Charlie Bell are returning; Jodie Meeks (who's 6'4") is sharpshooting his way through the summer league; Ramon Sessions is attracting suitors who'll likely drive his 2009-10 salary up over $5 million, meaning the Bucks need to shave payroll wherever they can. There's just no reason to keep Stoudamire, all 6'1" of him, around.

If the Bucks do take Stoudamire to camp, I promise to add it to the Royal Ivey tab, aka, another rant about GM Hammond wasting his owner's money — in spite of the present payroll crunch.

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