I want my hat back: Jinxes, curses and other strange mojo

The good doctor, Mr. TwainThe word curse has been thrown around quite a bit in the Milwaukee Bucks universe since the injury of Michael Redd Saturday. This is my department, I know. My friends, readers and mulitidunous others, including the girl that stole my hat tonight (honey, I want my hat back, and I’m holding yours hostage until I do get it back) have asked how the Michael Redd injury fits in with the Bob Boozer JInx.

 My initial reaction was that NO, the Michael Redd situation is and always has been a thing on its own. However, I have been working on the problem, and, as it turns out, Michale Redd’s injury can, in fact, in all the ridiculousness of recognizing facts as mutable things on this website, be connected to the Bob Boozer Jinx. It’s pretty convuluted, though, and it’s gonna take more than a “blog” effort to get the words together (in other words, it does require some real writing and some other effort, and, for those of you who don’t go about writing and other bullshit, it’s gonna take some mojo).

So, be a little patient with me this week. I got it, and I’m working on it. And it’s gonna be good. For now, and for the time being, I beseech thee to just hope for Andrew Bogut’s better health.

And, i want my hat back.

PS — Please stop using the word curse. What ails the Milwaukee Bucks is not to the level of a curse. It’s a jinx, not a curse. Just trust me on this. The Bucks are not cursed. They are jinxed. Not cursed. This is an important distinction, and there’s a lot of weirdness involved… Picture in your mind, “Samarai boardsman” Danny Fortson.

You’re just gonna have to trust me on this.

 And I want my hat back.

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