Garnett suspended, Bogut fined over Saturday whaddyacallit

So what should we call this incident between Andrew Bogut and Kevin Garnett that led to technical fouls, Bogut’s ejection from Saturday’s game and now a one-game suspension for Garnett and a fine for Bogut? 

Can’t call it a fight. Can’t call it a shoving match (like that mess last week between the Suns and the Rockets) or a confrontation (they never confronted each other over it, and Kendrick Perkins, who was standing right there didn’t think it warranted intervention or anything resembling a reaction). Was it a flare up? Hardly. A dust up? No dust on the Bradley Center hardwood. You can’t even call what Garnett did a bitchslap. What do you call it? – a whaddyacallit?  You be the judge:

I don’t think the refs over-reacted or were unfair. It isn’t pretty watching big men flail around during a whaddyacallit. T-ing them both up works for me. They should both serve some sort of punishment simply for looking like fools. No suspensions needed: Garnett should have to observe Ray Allen’s superstitions for a week; Bogut should have to toil in obscurity while Michael Redd hogs the ball for a week (wait, that’s every week when Redd’s not hurt). No punishment for Bogut – he’s suffered enough in the NBA. 

Unfortunately Bogut had already picked up a technical for a previous non-incident with Leon Powe and had to leave the game. Garnett very soon after the whaddyacallit fouled out of the game and the Bucks were able to push it into overtime without Bogut; it’s not as though this waddyacallit gave the Celtics much of an advantage.  

Celtics coach Doc Rivers thinks Garnett’s suspension is “a joke.” Garnett did take a bit of a swing at Bogut, if you can call it that, a cut-and-dried suspension. Beyond that, the NBA’s case by case approach to these nonfights can be confusing – Steve Nash was suspended for a game last week for being shoved to the ground while Shaquille O’Neal paid only a fine for shoving two players to the floor in a very Shaq-ish interpretation of the concept of keeping peace.

Tom Enlund has comments from Bogut and Skiles about the whaddyacallit in his report. Skiles has more of a problem with the double T’s given to Bogut and Leon Powe earlier than he did with how the whaddyacallit was handled. Skiles is on the mark as usual here. Watching the game, you might’ve missed that anything happened between Bogut and Powe at all. “We just got stuck,” Bogut said.

Enlund also reports that Michael Redd probably won’t play again tonight due to a high ankle sprain, and Charlie Villanueva will be out for a second game with a hamstring injury. The Denver game would make eight games missed for Redd if he doesn’t play. (He missed it). It’s unlikely Redd’ll play Wednesday night in Utah, making it nine.

Meanwhile Charlie Bell is banged up but will play, and Luke Ridnour and Ramon Sessions have had two days to rest. They looked exhausted by overtime Saturday against Boston. Redd needs to lace up his Nike’s and lend a hand. Who says Redd has to play 37 minutes? Just get in there with a run or two off the bench so that Sessions and Ridnour don’t wipe themselves out. 

What, you say he’s injured?  He’s got a high ankle sprain. Tape it up and start working on it to build strength. No cortisone of course, just keep it loose. Redd would be good for at least one run per half off the bench. His teammates need the help.

On the other hand, Skiles doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry about running Redd out there. He may be happy to work with the young players and see if Redd can fit his way into the mix as more of a role player when he comes back. It sure looks that way. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

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