Premier nite: Bucks vs. Bulls

Michael Redd not winning againWhhewww, made it back in time for the end of the 3rd Quarter and the entire 4th quarter of last night’s season opener for the Bucks.  

Just back from Tibet (glad you asked) and all points in between where I sought the wisdom behind the Bucks drafting of Joe Alexander with the #8 pick last June. It was quite a journey, though much like the story of the holy grail and the Maltese Falcon, it only led to more questions, not answers. Such as this:

Why is the Dahlai Lama so interested in talking about nothing but Brett Favre?

Sounds of the game, Bucks vs. Bulls:

CLANG!!  Welcome to the end of the 3rd quarter of the Bucks-Bulls season opener. Those are Bucks shots flying off the iron, and big forward Malik Allen is shooting them. Why? Nobody knows. Tyrone Lue is on the court as the point guard. Why? Again, nobody knows.

Fwhoosh … Most  of everything the Bulls threw at the basket in the 4th quarter, beginning really at the end of the 3rd when Kirk Hinrich drained a three to open a 7 point lead for the Bulls. Goddam Kurt (or is it Kurdt) Cobain for forever casting doubt upon how one is supposed to spell Kirk.

CLANG!!  Welcome to Michael Redd in the 4th quarter, missing his first four shots as the Bucks fall behind by 13 and he continues to hold the ball up in his palm like the statue of liberty allowing defenses to set. Who told him that was a good move.

Deafening roar of silence:  Richard Jefferson in the 4th quarter, as most of the offense went through Michael Redd (because obviously that’s worked so well in the past and won many more games than the Bucks have lost).

Yeahhh! My buddy Nick who had called in the 4th quarter to see what was what. He was flipping back and forth between the Bucks and the Celtics-Cavs game, and had decided that the Bucks were about six steps behind either the Celtics and the Cavs.

J-Mo: Yeah, that’s about right.

Nick: It’s Celtics and Cavs in the East this year, those are the top two.

J-Mo: Yeah, that’s about right. Detroit’s slipping and Cleveland’s better than ever.

Nick: And you know who’s going to give Cleveland the bump?

J-Mo: Mo Williams

Nick: Yeahhh!. (Same yeah as above). Mo seems to instinctively know where to get the ball to Lebron.

J-Mo: And he can shoot. He was the 2nd-best shooter in the NBA last year. ( for uninitiated). Bucks traded their best shooters in the offseason. (Mo and Bobby Simmons). Only Nash was better than Mo shootingwise.

(Nick flips back to the Bucks game).

Nick: Man, they’re down 13!!!

J-Mo: Get used to it — the first 33 games are brutal, 20 on the road. They’ll be lucky if they win 10 or 11.

(Silence on the cell phones as we watch the game).

Nick: Man, this team ain’t going to the playoffs. They’re getting slapped by a mediocre team, the Bulls.

J-Mo: Nope, they’re not going to the playoffs. And these mediocre Bulls, it’s obvious that they have loads more talent than the Bucks. They proved that last year in the garbage game the Bucks never had much of a chance of winning (Sessions’ 24-assist game, which the Bulls won easily). How many of these Bucks, especially the guards, would get playing time on the Bulls?

Nick: Jefferson, maybe Redd. Bogut.

J-Mo: Redd’d have to change the way he plays to get any PT in Chicago.

Here’s a good line from Tom Enlund’s Journal Sentinel game story:

The Bucks held a small lead until late in the third quarter, when the Bulls went on a run sparked by Deng, Gordon and Kirk Hinrich.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Bucks had the smart kind of “Deng, Gordon and Kirk Hinrich” talent that the Bulls have?

CLAMP: The sound of the Bulls defense locking and setting as Michael Redd palming the ball and arching it back behind him as he faces the defender and the defense sets. Who told Michael Redd that when you get the ball it is a good idea to remove it from triple threat position (pass, drive, shoot) so that the defense can get set and lock in. He did this two or three times in the 4th quarter and after he did it, neither he nor the Bucks scored but for Bogut grabbing an offensive rebound over Noah and getting fouled.

Sure, Redd scored 30 and the fantasy Redd fans will be happy. The rest of us have seen this too many times. Give Scott Skiles a week before he gets sick of the Bucks formula since 2003.

THHWACK: Andrew Bogut kicking Joaqim Noah’s ass all 4th quarter. Noah can’t handle Bogut. Most teams can’t. Bogut grabbed at least three offensive rebounds in the 4th that served to keep the score from getting ugly. Bogut’s left handed baby hook from the right side of the paint looks good. Feed him the ball, Coach Skiles, and let RJ touch it too.

Deafening roar of silence 2: What happened to Richard Jefferson in the 4th quarter? I wonder if Skiles planned for the ball to run through Redd or whether Redd just tried to take over irregardless of the game plan, a la last season.

I guess we’ll find out soon. If the season opener was any indication, more change is to come.

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