Breaking news: Bob Boozer Jinx girl Meghan back for another Energee! season

Meghan This news was quite a relief. You may recall the exhaustive worldwide search that led to Meghan’s selection as the unofficially official (or was it officially unofficial?) Bob Boozer Jinx girl. I was not relishing the thought of once again packing my bags for Bangkok, Baton Rouge and Borneo; with stops this time planned in Friesland and Fresno, too.

To complicate matters, the editorial board was giving me all kinds of grief about running overbudget on the first exhaustive worldwide search for the girl. And to be perfectly honest, Meghan was doing a superlative job in her first few months and I just didn’t want to go through all of that so soon. Now I don’t have to. Looks like she’ll be back for another season.

Meghan was prominently featured in the “black poly leather empty seats” photo that truly defined not only last season but the situation that the Bucks organization has found itself in. An estranged fan base, Energee! dancing for no one, a losing team and a new arena needed within the next decade … or sooner? (It’s a good idea to hit the link, but here’s a smaller version …)

Black poly-leather & empty seats in April





Says it all. Energee! has been the constant in the Bucks marketing scheme this summer, probably the one part of the plan that has made sense. Richard Jefferson has yet to be featured in a ticket promo.

As it turned out, being named the unofficially official Bob Boozer Jinx girl has not been the only prestigious honor achieved by Meghan. It was soon learned that Meghan was Miss New Berlin, Miss Wisconsin and a participant in the Miss USA pageant. Who knew? (’s Jim Ganzer, for one.) Prior to Ganzer setting the record straight, all the BBJ editorial board knew was that her favorite Buck is Andrew Bogut and her favorite breakfast cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios. Good stuff. Oh, and she used to be blonde.

The confusion of the last couple of weeks arose when she was nowhere to be found in the Day 1 or Day 2 photos from the first round of Energee! tryouts in late July, then was not pictured among the finalists from those tryouts. I checked again yesterday, not there, and with dutiful resignation began thinking about a replacement girl …

New dancer Bishara? …. 

Team captain Tiffany (the BBJ editorial board is rather, uhh, big on leadership) …

Tiffany - Energee! 

Decisions, decisions …

Then, suddenly and for no apparent reason at all, I refreshed the finalists’ page. Lo and behold, our BBJ girl’s photo had in that very moment been uploaded onto the Energee! finalists site, and there it was … right next to the pic of another dancer named Megan, tho’ without the really cool, gaelic “h”…

Obviously, ’twas a sign from the basketball gods that I dared not ignore (lucky you Meghan). This Bucks blog just wouldn’t be the same without its original unofficially official Bob Boozer Jinx girl. …

Meghan - glad to be back, obviously

… and one.

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