Redd speaks! Says nothing… But meet Meghan, the Bob Boozer Jinx girl

MeghanRamon Sessions, rookie point guard, has been the face of the Bucks of late. Sessions was at the season ticket holders’ tailgate at Miller Park Tuesday. A couple of weeks ago he was representing at a lottery night event with coaches Scott Skiles and Jim Boylan. Yes, Skiles reminded Sessions that the NBA record for assists in a game is not 24, it’s 30, held by one Scott Skiles. 

Michael Redd, the so-called face of the franchise? He’s been hiding under a rock ever since his former coach, Larry Krystkowiak, fingered Redd as the guy who undermined what the team was trying to do last season. The weekend Krystkowiak made those comments to JS writer Tom Enlund, the Bucks were in the process of hiring Krystkowiak’s pal Skiles, so it’s safe to assume the coaches had begun working on the transition to the Skiles era.

Redd came out from under his rock this week to hype his summer basketball camp, and did an interview yesterday with ESPN Radio’s Steve “the Homer” True. Homer asked Redd about Krystkowiak’s comments and Redd didn’t have much to say. In fact, he denied that he had any problem at all with Krystkowiak, at least not one he was aware of.

At this point, my intelligence has been insulted enough by Michael Redd (I have never seen a dumber basketball player in a Bucks uniform, and people, Alton Lister and Tim Thomas were not smart guys) that I’m just going to say that Michael Redd is as good as gone and move on to more important things.

As for those more important things, this blog, like James Bond, has required a girl for some time. The search for this girl has taken me from Bangkok to Baton Rouge to the jungles of Borneo, but at last I’ve found our girl. By unanimous vote, the officially unofficial Bob Boozer Jinx girl is Energee! dancer Meghan. (Lucky you, Meghan). Why Meghan? Do you have to ask?

During our exhaustive search for the Bob Boozer Jinx girl, however, it was brought to my attention by Sportsbubbler’s esteemed editor, Dan Walsh, that, lo and behold and much to my surprise, Meghan has not always been a brunette. blonde meghan

I now pose to the Bob Boozer Jinx faithful the obvious, if not ultimate question. Brunette Meghan? Or blonde Meghan?

You know this is so much, much better than Beasley or Rose, Rose or Beasley ….

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