NBA Playoffs: Bucks vs. Sixers 2001

The finest weekend of NBA basketball 2008 is upon us!!!  Four conference semifinal games, three pivotal Game 4’s. The only way NBA Commish David Stern could’ve planned it better would have been if the Celtics had taken care of the Hawks a little sooner so that Celtics-Cavs would also be playing, yes, a pivotal Game 4 tonight.

Lebron James and the Cavaliers are in a desperate spot: If he and his young guards don’t find their shooting range tonight in Game 3, they’ll likely fall down 0-3, a deficit no NBA team has ever recovered from to win a series. The Cavs are at home, or, to rephrase that – they’re not playing in the Boston Garden, where the Celtics seem invincible in these playoffs.

Lakers-Jazz, Hornets-Spurs, Pistons-Magic — all set at 2-1 with this weekend’s home teams, the Jazz, Spurs and Magic, needing to win, yes pivotal Game 4’s, to square the series’ at 2-2. Only the Spurs seem capable of climbing back from the alternative – Game 4 loss and a 1-3 deficit.

To help Bucks fans celebrate this, the finest weekend of NBA basketball 2008, here’s a youtube clip (thanks to rilaman) of highlights (and some lowlights) from the Big Three Bucks gut-wrenching seven-game series against Philly in 2001. Viva le Ray Allen!!! – raining rafters-arcing threes on the Sixers, the refs and an awed Commish.

Memory reboot:  Ray’s nine three-pointer detonation came in Game 3, which put the Bucks up 2-1. After Philly evened it with some help from the refs in pivotal Game 4, the Dog’s ten-footer to win Game 5 rimmed off. The Bucks blew Philly out at the BC in Game 6, setting up Game 7 in Philly …

While I’m still waiting for Ray to have one of his rainmaker shooting games in the 2008 playoffs, here’s another youtube vid (thanks again rilaman). The year is 1996, and Ray Allen’s about to hit his first NBA three … 

I can’t let that airball from Iverson go. It was one of the Answer’s first shots as a pro!!! That had to hurt.  

Nor can I, nor should I, let Jonny Mac’s typical boneheaded commentary pass, even though it’s more than 10 years old. Praising then-rookie Stephon Marbury for “creating shots for his teammates” when he’d scarcely seen Marbury play in the NBA just smacks of … typical Jonny Mac. And to find rookie Iverson lacking because he “creates shots for himself.” …  This is the Bucks commentator who’s been kissing “Michael”s butt for five years!

Why was Jonny talking about Marbury at all? Stephon and the 1996 T-Wolves weren’t anywhere near the Bucks-Philly game and there was no break in the action. While Jonny made his base comparison of rookies Marbury and Iverson, Bucks rookie Ray was rippling the nets for his first NBA hoop, shortly followed by his first three pointer. Obviously, the perfect time to talk about the T-wolves new point guard. Do you get the feeling that Jonny didn’t like the draft day trade of Marbury for Ray?  

More importantly, are Bucks fans finally, after 30 years, ready for a new color commentator?  Give the mic to Scott Williams full-time, please!!!


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