Bogut speaks up: Skiles, Yi, Sessions

Nothing new on his contract situation, but vacationing Bucks big man Andrew Bogut emailed some comments about the hiring of Scott Skiles and teammates Yi Jianlian and Ramon Sessions to Journal Sentinel Bucks beat writer Charles Gardner.  The story appeared on JSonline today.

It’s a good read, though nothing altogether controversial. The Bucks center is excited about playing for Skiles. Bogut’s new coach likes how Bogut is developing as a player, improving each year – and thinks he’ll keep getting better.

About Yi, Bogut talks up his shooting ability and athleticism, and says Yi’s work ethic is “unbelievable.”

On Sessions, Bogut says the rookie’s late season run with the Bucks was the first time he played with a “true point guard” since being drafted by the Bucks in 2005. He touts Sessions for doing a great job “trying to find his teammates first, shoot second.”

So much for TJ Ford, who Bogut played with in 2006, and Mo Williams, a shooter who often found his teammates second last season, at times looked lost running the offense, and was in conflict with Michael Redd. In Mo’s defense, the Bucks looked better as a team – and won more (5-5) – in the games that Redd missed than they did when Mo was out and Redd played.

Other than Yi and Sessions, no other player is discussed, which is interesting in and of itself, though I wouldn’t read too much into it — as much as we Bucks fans would like to, searching for clues about Hammond’s thinking r.e. personel and trades this summer.  Bogut did talk up the passing of Sessions, as if to say, “the guys I’ve been playing with since I’ve been here don’t look for their teammates …”  We can editorialize from there.

From where Bogut is sitting, in Croatia, on vacation, almost certain to get the long-term extension he wants from the team, nothing good could come from pointing fingers at his teammates. He doesn’t know who will be on the team and who won’t be next season. The last thing the Bucks players need now is more negativity in the already bad chemistry.  

File it under “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Or as little as possible.

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